ISO standards

Following the trends at the world’s market, it was decided to re-certify “Alumina” doo in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2008. Processes in Company are defined and documented so implementation of a quality management system is in final stage of preparation for certification. 

The implementation demonstrates the Company's commitment to ensure quality and continuous improvement of our products and relationship with customers. The implementation of quality system as a result will have increase of performance and productivity to the next level, as well as optimization of management and resource utilization, and improvement of working conditions for employees.


QMS 14001 2004.pdf

QMS 9001 2008.pdf

ISO 14001 2004.pdf

ISO 9001 2008.pdf


Alumina Ltd. has successfully accomplished certification in accordance with REACH Regulation. 

Certification and further implementation of standards are successfully accomplished in this field. This should contribute to the improvement of every process in the Company. 



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