Application fields

Application fields


Aluminum production

From the total production of alumina in the world,  94% to 96% is used for the production of aluminum.



Because of its high resistance to chemical corrosion, alumina is one of the main components in the industry of refractories. ATH has its application in this industry as well. 


Production of Aluminum salts

Aluminum hydroxide (ATH) is used in the production of different kind of Aluminum salts (Aluminum Sulphate, Corundum... )​


Cement production

In the pruction of cements ATH and Alumina find their application as a raw materials.  


Production of abrasives

ATH and Alumina find their application in the production of abrasives. 

Production of ceramics

ATH and Alumina are used in the production of ceramics. 

Production of colors, varnishes and paper

ATH is in charge for pigmentation in the production of colors, varnishes. It is also applicable in the paper production. 

Production of detergents

In the production of powder detergents, Zeolite 4A is used as a multifunctional builder. 


Flame retardants

Aluminum Hydroxide is used as a filler in flame retardants. Because of its characteristics and content of the molecules of water, prevents the flame spreading, therefore, as the raw material, it is very applicable in cable industry.  



Exporting countries: 

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Netherland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunis, Egypt, Sudan, Morroco, Algeria, Nigeria, Southafrican Republic, Pakistan, China, USA, Columbia, Mexico, Veneczuela, Costa Rica.