Quality Control

The sector Quality Control includes two units:

  • Input/output material control
  • Laboratory department

The unit of Input/output material control receipts all the raw materials in the production process, samples, distributes the samples to the laboratory and process the data of the raw materials in terms of the quality and quantity. This unit also quantify delivery of the products, along with the weight statement, cooperating with the laboratory and makes the certificates of the quality of the products: alumina, aluminum hydroxide, zeolites and water glass.  

The Laboratory combines two working units: Central laboratory and Processing laboratory. Processing laboratory analyses the samples from different phases of the production processes in the factory (alumina, hydrate, zeolite and water glass). The processing laboratory covers all the productions for 24h, therefore the samples obtained in such way,  are significantly helping to manage it.   

The Central laboratory analyses of the samples of the raw materials, final products and intermediate-stage samples in the factory. The majority of the analysis in the Central laboratory are performed by using the more complex instrumental techniques. Although not accredited, the laboratory provides the quality of the analysis using the certified and referent materials, comparing its analysis with client’s laboratory analysis.  


Weight & Sampling equipment:

  • Bauxite Probe sampler from trucks,
  • Automatic Alumina sampler,
  • 5 Wagon and 2 Truck balances,

Laboratory equipment:

  • AAS Atomic absorption spectrophotometer - Shimadzu 6200,
  • ICP EOS Spectro Genesis,
  • Spectrophotometers: Perkin Elmer UV/VIS LAMBDA 15, LAMBDA 25, UV/VIS -Shimadzu UV1800,
  • X-Ray diffractometer PHILIPS PW 1710,
  • Adsorption analysis instruments Micromeritics Gemini VII 2390T, FLOWSORB II 2300
  • Particle size analyzer - VA INSTRUMENTS
  • Whiteness analyzer - DR LANGE,
  • Moisture analyzer – Sartorius,
  • Analytical&Technical balances – Sartorius,
  • pH meters Hanna,
  • Conductometers Hanna,
  • Turbidimeter Hach,


Quality control sector personnel

58 radnika

2 magistra tehničkih nauka

5 diplomiranih inženjera hemije

1 diplomirani inženjer mašinstva