“Alumina” doo is making significant effort to develop the new products. 
In the end of the 2012, Alumina was mostly producing metallurgical alumina, zeolite 4A for detergents and liquid water glass. 

During the year 2013, Alumina has reoriented its production of alumina, meaning that currently, the 60% of production is hydrate and alumina from non-smelter program and 40% of production is focused on the production of smellter alumina with tendency to produce only non-smelter products. In addition to this, in the period from 2013 - 2016 was developed the production of zeolite 4A for production of molecular sieves.  Within this production was developed a range of 3A products (3A 30%, 3A 40% 3A 50%), so as the production of zeolite 4A AG with higher adsorption capacity comparing to the standard zeolite 4A, in the field of detergent zeolites. 

In the production of Aluminum Hydroxide (ATH) developed is the production of ATH with low soda content (Na2O = 0,1 - 0,12%), so as the production of so called "white ATH" the whiteness degree of 92-96%, that finds its application in various fields. On the basis of wet hydrates is developed the line of dry hydrates of different granulometry and content of moisture. 

In accordance with the quality of the, above stated ATH types, is developed the production of alumina with lower content of Soda (Na2O = 0,15 - 0,20 %), so as the production of "white alumina" that, due to its characteristics, finds its application in the production of fibers and ceramics. 

In the year of 2017, Alumina doo is planning to produce expand its production program for 9 new products in different producing areas:

- Two types of silica gel

- Two types of special zeolites

- Two types of classified hydrates: 

  • HydrAl 100 - P
  • HydrAl 55 - P

- Two types of milled hydrates:

  • HydrAl 20
  • HydrAl 10 

- Two types of fine precipitated hydrates

- Water glass with increased level of solid content  (40 - 44%)