As part of its product range, Alumina doo Zvornik offers hydrated alumina known as aluminum (tri)hydroxide – hydrate, ATH, which is obtained as a result of aluminum solution decomposition in the course of the Bayer process of alumina production. The commercially available form of the product is a white powder of defined granulation, which is insoluble in water but soluble in hydrochloric or sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide. Hydrate has a wide application. 

Filler for flame retardant

The hydrate is a non-smoking, flame retardant with low toxicity. When exposed to fire, hydrated alumina loaded in plastic compounds begins endothermically decomposing into water and anhydrous alumina. The water cools down the plastic and significantly slows down its degradation into flammable fuel.

Production of aluminum chemicals

Hydrated alumina is used as one of the main components in different chemical products such as aluminum sulphate, poly aluminum chloride (PAC), sodium aluminate, zeolites, aluminum fluoride, etc.

Raw material

Hydrated alumina, as a raw material, is used in different production, including:

  • glass, glazes and frits;
  • catalyst production;
  • fertilizers and fibre cement board products;
  • as an extender and a bodying agent in paper, solvent- and water-borne paint, UV curable coatings, inks and adhesives, etc.


The product can be delivered in bulk (truck and railway tanks) or in jumbo bags. It should be kept in covered areas. 

Dry hydrates

Within its product profile, the Company Alumina Ltd. can offer dry hydrates applicable in the production of aluminum salts, paper, as filler in the production of plastic, cables etc. 




Aluminium Hydroxide White

Within its production program Alumina Ltd. can offer Aluminum Hydroxide (ATH) with increased whiteness (95%-97%) applicable in the industry of the production of plastics. This hydrate is also known as White hydrate.